The Denver Oktoberfest - A Denver Tradition

It’s that time of year again when we all get together and bond over a good o’l stein of “bier” and express our gratitude to the German’s for inventing such a glorious holiday we all came to love, none other than Oktoberfest.

Back for its 44th anniversary, Oktoberfest will be gracing the historic streets of the Ballpark Neighborhood between 20th St and 22nd St on Larimer St in downtown Denver (LoDo) for a six day extravaganza of music, food and of course BEER!  

With this sustained tradition Denver’s shown that Oktoberfest is here to stay and shows no signs of it going anywhere. It’s no wonder why this festival draws over 350,000 people and was dubbed as “The Best Oktoberfest” in the U.S., according to the event’s official website.

Aside from the event’s obvious attraction of beer there will be a number of activities to keep you from potentially passing out a tad bit too early. One thing that will sure have your mouth watering ­(no, not with beer) will be the Bratwurst eating contest. For you Denver natives who attend Oktoberfest religiously, you may all know how the crowning of the Brat-King is bestowed upon that special someone who miraculously stuffed their face with the most brats, thus making you an instant legend!

Also returning, for its 8th annual, is the Long Dog Derby. If you’re a proud owner of a Dachshund, or “Wiener Dog”, grab your pooch and drink your brew all at the same time, talk about effective multitasking. With the dog derby sponsored by Bixbi and running all day long October 6th you can show off your doggy at numerous competitions that welcome all types of canines.   

The DasHustlehoff 5k, of course paying tribute to most German icon we know D. Hastlehoff, you’ll get the chance to get your sneakers dirty and run alongside of others in the closed streets of downtown Denver. The participants will get a free DasHustlehoff t-shirt and beer (must be 21+) compliments of Sam Adams. Show your athleticism in both sports and beer, I call that being multi-talented!

What many will be looking forward to at this year’s Oktoberfest will be the much anticipated keg bowling! Yeah, you heard right, beer and bowling have been combined and made into this one of a kind bona fide sport. Whether you do this professionally or recreationally there is space for you all to go and take your turn at knocking down some kegs.

How’d you like to be cheered on by 8,000 people while you’re on stage holding steins of beer? Did I mention your arms are extended and you’re competing to see who can hold them up for the longest? If you’re 21 years of age and older and are up for this challenge I highly suggest you start lifting weights and get those muscles into training! Open to all competitors, male and female, this stein hoisting will send the winner to Boston with an all expense paid trip by the acclaimed Sam Adams.

So are you convinced enough to go and join in on the fun at this year’s Oktoberfest? I certainly am, see you there Denver!

For more information on this year's Oktoberfest go to The Denver Oktoberfest.  

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